What do you do when the government tells you to kill yourself?

At Ethics Over Fear, we seek the truth.

Sometimes, the truth has deeper meaning than we even immediately realize.

While the injections clearly violate every definition of the word ‘vaccine’, we see something even larger at stake.

It’s not nearly so much about the government telling you to put something harmful in your body that is doing more harm than good (Look at Steve Kirsch’s Presentation at the FDA’s Covid Advisory Committee).

It’s more about you having the responsibility and governance over your own life forcibly removed.

They’ve gone so far as to tell you what to think. Check out Global News’ latest smear campaign against the doctors leading the medical revolution:

(It is comical to see how the majority of comments are on the side of freedom, free speech, and of course, the doctors they recognize are actually focused on keeping us healthy)

People ARE waking up.

But just imagine; if we were to just roll over and accept a society of forced injections, either through the coercion and duress placed upon employees, or even so far as police showing up at our homes with health ‘authorities’ carrying prepped needles, and our very words and thoughts are regulated, are we even really alive?

Aren’t all those forced behaviours taking away our humanity? Couldn’t they be considered to be ‘the Government telling us to kill ourselves?’ – regardless of what harm may be found in the injections?

That’s why we’re making the stand we are.

We know Ethics and its ongoing pursuit of truth, will always win over fear.

But let’s get to the topic at hand today!

This post is actually to highlight the good Doctor Trozzi, who was LIVE earlier this week.


Here’s a video that he uploaded to Rumble just last week.

And here’s the link to his post!

Be sure to check out other work of his as well, and we look forward to seeing your comments and engagement on the LIVE broadcast with Dr. Trozzi tomorrow!

(image credit: Photo by Guilman from Pexels)

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