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Not all get to experience it. A moment in time where you see that everything you’ve worked on in your life has taken you to a specific place in time where you are find yourself fully prepared for the moment at hand and it feels like destiny, that in the moment you exist here because no one else could be there but you.

We are at this point in our enlightening rise towards having a society free of tyranny. A future better than we had before where humanity can thrive again where people with specific skillsets will find the greatest fulfillment.

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Health Care

Have you heard of Ezra Wellness? Alternative systems are being created already, but nurses, doctors, specialists, surgeons and admins are already needed for walk-in clinics firing up all across the nation!

Constitutional Lawyers

We are well aware the infringements on the constitution. How many trespasses due to “orders from above which have no lawful force or effect can you stand to see take place? You can help us help our growing community.

Law Enforcement

More officers of the law are coming forward daily with insight on how to help support their communities being placed under duress. Connect with a growing network of officers that are standing with their communities in these uncertain times.

Guidance and counsel

We hear from dozens of people every day asking what their next best steps are. Help point them in the right direction (we’ll work with you directly any time you need help!), and help us expand our Frequently Asked Questions page so we can help more people.

Employment Lawyers

If you recognize the injustice being perpetrated  and want to defend against the tyranny and coercion being imposed on the middle class economy, we have people that need your help.


A growing number of people are working together to create solutions for air travel where people can enjoy travel without unlawful restrictions!

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