Frequently Asked Questions

Since it’s the corporation/union that is acting on these policies, the person who holds the greatest responsibility needs to be notified. This is usually the CEO, President, or Owner.

In each of the specific pages, you’ll get an idea of who that person is.

The absolute best option is express post with notice of delivery (it’s usually an extra $1).

You can contact a lawyer whenever you feel it’s necessary.

Typically – people are calling their lawyers once the crime of taking your security has occurred, but even the threat of losing your job is enough where the best lawyers can help.

Leave of Absence is something that is granted after an employee applies for it and the employer agrees. It is not lawful to force someone into a leave of absence.

Also, your notice of liability addresses the issue of loss of income, or for your ability to provide for your family.

The severity of liability on the employer is not likely to be minimized, since it’s the constitution they are violating.

Do not consent. It is not lawful for them to track your movement or your interactions with others.

Tell them something along the lines of:

“Since the unlawful polices have been brought forward by (company name), and having initiated the possible deprivation of my liberty and  security thereof, places the responsibility of my accommodation on you.”