Official News Release: Misfeasance Torte Suits Canada Wide

Good Morning,
I hope all are well in the face of the impending “Desperate Measures Act”?
I know it isn’t funny anymore but a little levity in the face of incredible times is a proudly Canadian trait as well lol. We believe timing is critical now, it’s time to keep the pressure on against these “leadership imposters”. Our teams are ready to go.
The Court of Public Opinion needs us now, people are looking for what’s next, which means it’s go time. The time is now, people are ready to take their next shot.
From this point we looking to interview litigators who feel they are up to the task. We did the grind work, the case packages are complete. They are immense and comprehensive,  at this point will be able to bring in the plaintiffs. We are ready to hand the cases off to the lawyers for the next stage, the biggest legal torte actions in Canadian history. 
Wayne Peters,
Ethics Over Fear Task Group

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